Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and giving us the chance to tell you a little about myself (Angel).

I started transporting horses in 2006. I come from a back ground of horse training.  My specialties included starting horses under saddle, colt-starting, trail, trailer with all types of discipline and breeds including PMU, Mustangs.  My main goal has always been to put a safe foundation on the horses I have worked with.  I enjoy working with others on Horsemanship so horse and rider have a more pleasant relationship.  

College Courses: Ag. 236: Introduction to horse training.  Ag. 147: Horse Training II-Building a Foundation.  Ag. 148: Horse Training III-Advanced Horsemanship.  Ag. 150: Broodmare Management.  Ag. 228: Equine Business Management.  Ag: 203: Animal Feeds and Nutrition.  Ag. 210: Animal Health & Disease.

I enjoy this business, being able to help horses have a great trailer experience. There is nothing more rewarding then doing a job you love.

I enjoy all the people and horses I have met.  So many friends I have made human and furry.

About Me

Owner & Driver: Angel

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