Angel's Equine Transport has the right to Cancel this BILL OF LADING AT ANYTIME.

"Bill of Lading"
Angel's Equine Transport 

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PLEASE make sure your Original Health & Coggins are in order and with the horse(s) by PICK UP DATE.  If there is any changes that your horse is not able to make the trip PLEASE don't wait until the last minute, call me right away so we can fill that stall.  By submitting this contract & deposit we hold a stall for your horse/horses.

Contract For Transport


HORSE TRANSPORTING AGREEMENT:  I authorize the transportation of my horse(s) for the cost indicated. I understand that all professional care will be taken to provide the safety of my horse(s) and authorize veterinarian care at my expense should it be necessary. Angel's Equine Transport will make every effort to notify owner before any such services shall be rendered. Angel's Equine Transport is not liable for the death of the horse(s), or any injuries sustained while in transit. Angel's Equine Transport strongly recommends that the OWNER carry full liability and major medical/mortality insurance on any horse(s) being transported. If the OWNER does not carry insurance the OWNER assumes full responsibilities for the loss of the horse(s) should any loss (death or injury) occur. If a horse is a danger to transport and or horse(s) on trailer we have the right to refuse transport of horse(s) without refund of deposit.  Payment is due in full at time of drop off. If payment is not made within 7 days from the destination site delivery date, the horse(s) will become the property of Angel's Equine Transport and the horse(s) may then be sold. Monies from the sale of the horse(s) shall be used to pay the SHIPPER’S fees: any remaining money from the sale will be forwarded to the OWNER. If the sale of the horse(s) does not cover the total amount owed to Angel's Equine Transport, the OWNER remains responsible for the difference. If payment is not made at time of drop off: Cost of shipping, Boarding $60 per day (per Horse), fee's for re-transporting, Farrier services, Veterinarian care will be added to transporting cost. Deposit: 50% deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or if the horse is not ready/unavailable for pick-up. If Angel's Equine Transport is unable to transport with-in 15 days of estimated pick-up date a full refund of deposit will be returned to customer. The customer is responsible for informing Angel's Equine Transport of any problems the horse(s) may have. If the horse is a danger to the transporter, itself or any of the horse(s) on the trailer the horse will not be transported and the deposit will be non-refundable.  I do best to get to our locations during daylight hours however, I am transporting live cargo you must think of the animals first and please make yourself or a stall Available for Pick up and Drop off.
BY SUBMITTING THIS BILL Of LADING OWNER AGREES TO TERMS LISTED            Questions? Please contract Angel (209) 568-6624
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Please contact Angel (209) 568-6624 ASAP of any changes.  Thank you!
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